DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

DevOps Culture

Introducing DevOps is not about slapping a bunch of tools onto a broken process or firing all your ops teams and/or hiring great coders. To be successful, DevOps practices require careful consideration, planning, and a matching organizational culture. Much has been written about the technology side of DevOps. Let’s take a look at the cultural… Read more

Getting started with node.js and Azure Web Apps

Our teams are involved in working with partners and customers in many advanced Azure Services projects. Sometimes one forgets that there’s many, many developers just getting started on their journey. Here are a few tips from real world projects and some resources we find helpful to get you started. All resources have either been created… Read more

ChefConf 2016

My team and I have been reflecting on ChefConf 2016, which we attended last month in Austin, TX. The conference and the people we met were a perfect mix of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and community. We found the Chef management team eager to share their DevOps passion and expertise, and, of course, to discuss the… Read more