DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

Getting started with node.js and Azure Web Apps

Our teams are involved in working with partners and customers in many advanced Azure Services projects. Sometimes one forgets that there’s many, many developers just getting started on their journey. Here are a few tips from real world projects and some resources we find helpful to get you started. All resources have either been created… Read more

ChefConf 2016

My team and I have been reflecting on ChefConf 2016, which we attended last month in Austin, TX. The conference and the people we met were a perfect mix of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and community. We found the Chef management team eager to share their DevOps passion and expertise, and, of course, to discuss the… Read more

First Look: Docker for Azure Beta

A lot of new and exciting stuff was announced at DockerCon 2016 a couple of months ago, including Docker for Azure. I received my invitation a couple of days ago, and wanted to share my first impressions. Setting up The invitation email contains a “deploy to azure” button, clicking it send us to the custom deployment interface… Read more

Docker Swarm with Linux and Windows

As soon as you need to run containers in any form more available or production-ready configuration, you’re going to need to have more than one Docker engine host OS/VM/node where the containers can run.  In this post and embeded three-part video series I did with Dongluo Chen from Docker we will address how Docker Swarm helps to… Read more

A Git Workflow for Continuous Delivery

This post is based on a talk Nathan Henderson (@nathos) and I (@wbuchw) gave a few weeks ago. Nathan is Services Principal Engineer at GitHub.  The current state of things (spoiler: git-flow) In the last few years, a lot of us have chosen Git to handle our version control for a lot of good reasons. One… Read more

DevOps Dimensions

Over the past few years, my team and I have pondered and discussed deeply the question, what is DevOps. We continually come back to the consistent components—people, process, and tools—but what stands out to us is that the journey is different for everyone. And while that is a bit daunting, the community is incredibly open… Read more

The DevOps Factory

A few days ago Microsoft launched a new factory. Yes, you heard right, a factory. But it is not a traditional foundry and it is not producing any gadgets or physical goods. It is located at the intersection of software engineering, technology operations, and quality assurance. It will produce lasting business success with DevOps through… Read more

VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps: publish image in the Docker Hub using Visual Studio Team Services

If you have any question about this blog post series or DevOps, feel free to contact me directly on Twitter : This post is part of the series “VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps” Introduction The Docker Hub is a great way to make containers’ images available to all Docker users. In this post… Read more

VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps: Tests in production with Azure App Service

If you have any question about this blog post series or DevOps, feel free to contact me directly on Twitter : This post is part of the series “VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps” In the previous post of this series we discussed about how Visual Studio Team Services and Release Management can be… Read more

DevOps FoMO? Get up to speed on culture and continuous delivery with the DevOps Fundamentals Series

DevOps has quickly risen to popularity as a culture shift that enables companies to achieve faster and higher-quality software delivery and increased customer satisfaction.  If you have DevOps FoMO (fear of missing out), the DevOps Fundamentals series is for you. It explains key concepts and practices, and maps them to technical demos with Microsoft technologies…. Read more