DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

DevOps Hackathon or How To Learn To Embrace Your Ops Team

Sounds impossible? Changing behavior is hard after all. And as psychology 101 tells us, we as individuals always behave in sync with our motivations. And history tells us, in the case of dev and ops, the motivations couldn't be more different. See for yourself.

Today’s fast paced world demands improved software delivery processes. Customers come to expect almost immediate resolution of issues in apps and services, new features within days, not weeks, months, or years. The only way to get ahead of the competition or to even stay relevant in market requires a new approach. This is where DevOps comes in.

 As you can see, DevOps jobs are trending big time on Significantly so since January of 2015. Granted not all of the jobs are “real” DevOps jobs but Indeed’s Job trends are a good indication that something’s brewing.

And while employing DevOps practices comes easier for startups, more and more (traditional) enterprises discover the benefits of applying a set of DevOps practices to their application lifecycle and overcome current challenges in software delivery processes. In that sense you could consider parts of Microsoft a traditional enterprise. A recent eBook by Sam Guckenheimer walks the reader through the Visual Studio team’s transition from Agile to DevOps.
What better way to share your experience with others than writing it down and talking about it at events?

Practice is what creates experts

Practicing it first hand is even better. And we have you covered there as well. Starting in September my team will run a series of DevOps Hackathonevents in select countries. And you are invited to sign up on a waitlist for an event in your region. We are in the process of deploying a number of technical resources with expertise in DevOps practices, OSS, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online and much more..

A new experience

Over the course of two days developers and operations people will work side-by-side in a contest like environment. Proctors from Microsoft, Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), and members of local OSS and Microsoft communities will be there to support and guide attendees through self-nominated challenges. In true Hackathon-style, participants have the option to nominate and vote on own projects or collaborate on provided environments. And since the target platform for all of the great work is Microsoft Azure you have the option to decide whether your team’s work is focused around a Microsoft or an Open Source toolset. Or you decide to mix and match.

While the event is primarily intended for Enterprise developers and IT operations roles, DevOps-savvy members of the startup community are highly welcome to hack and share.

One of the provided scenarios is about a cloud-targeted app that is failing in production. The scene looks like this: Competitive time to market advantage is at risk, the business is at an inflection point. "It worked fine in testing!" says the Development Team. "We had no visibility to production infrastructure needs until a week ago!" says the Operations Team.

If any of this sound familiar come, learn firsthand how to embrace a DevOps mindset, evolve your traditional ALM approach regarding people, process and tools, and help your business accelerate its journey to a cloud-first approach! Join a DevOps Hackathon where you will team up with fellow attendees to apply DevOps practices to a real world challenge.

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While we are finalizing the event series, feel free to check back at our hackathon page for details.

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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