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The role of IT in DevOps

DevOps Myths, Misconceptions, and Avoidances

imageDevOps definitions are plenty. Years back when I started looking into DevOps I came across this video. I like how – in the first 5 seconds – Adam Jacobs explains what it is. In the years before and after the video countless numbers of people, including myself, have come up with more elaborate, more sophisticated, and more complex definitions and explanations. Trying to explain a thing that refuses to be one single thing for each and everyone, we all have contributed to the hype that exists around the topic of DevOps today.

At the same time a similar number of people embarked on a journey to explain what DevOps is NOT. Over the past 2 years or so I have collected my top 10 list (it grew to about 18 by now) of myth busting posts where honorable people describe what DevOps is by writing about what, in their opinion, DevOps is NOT.

Here is, without any further ado and in no particular order, my list of links to myths and avoidances for your consideration or amusement.

Now you know a lot about what DevOps is NOT.

Have fun.