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Microsoft Azure Network Security

Security and network security in particular is at the center of everything. On-premises and off-premises. One could argue that off-premises security is even more important than on-premises. But if you think of one of the most common scenarios in cloud computing, hybrid, it is obvious you need both. Microsoft just release version 3 of the “Microsoft Azure Network Security Whitepaper”

Back in January of 1024 Microsoft released version 2 of its whitepaper “New Windows Azure Network Security”. It succeeded an earlier version from November 2013. Links at the bottom of this post.

The paper is kept updated regularly to reflect recent changes and, most importantly, improvements in networking security in Microsoft Azure. The document provides guidance on securing network communication for applications deployed in Windows Azure, enabling customers to determine how best to protect their virtual infrastructure and data.

In typical DevOps fashion, the audience for this paper is at least threefold

  • IT and Network administrators interested in deploying applications on Windows Azure
  • Developers interested in creating applications that run on Windows Azure
  • Technical decision makers (TDMs) considering Windows Azure to support new or existing services

In version 3 the paper discusses the security aspects of securing Azure Virtual Machines and details about how toimage effectively service running in the Azure cloud, in particular it talks about securing communications between virtual machines in the private network, across subscriptions, and communications to on-premises networks.

The document concludes with a rich set of links to additional resources and pointers to additional information on how to configure Azure Virtual Networks for increased security.

Previous versions of the paper

Version 1
Version 2

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