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Top DevOps Links – Week 43

 After about 18 hours of flights, missed connections and other unpleasant events with a well know German airline I arrived at the final destination for me and about 5000 close friends. Barcelona, Spain, will be Microsoft capital for most of next week. The company hosts it major technology events TechEd for IT professionals and developers in the enterprise. But that is something for next week’s Top DevOps Links.

First things first; plenty of great content and information has become available last week.

I show you mine, you show me yours.


Design a Workspace that Gives Extroverts Privacy, Too

What? You might wonder why this link. Developers – according to popular prejudice – are all introverted and it might call true for a certain number of individuals in the operations teams too. Nevertheless, the article helps us operations people to understand why some of the offices of extroverts are painted in pastel colors and how to approach more extroverted individuals. See for yourself.

Docker and DevOps: Why it Matters

You probably saw the Microsoft announcement of a deep collaboration between the Docker team and Microsoft. Here’s some insight into why containerization in general and Docker in particular is of importance, in the cloud but also on-premises.

DevOps has moved out of the cloud

David Linthicum from InfoWorld explains why DevOps is not only for the cloud.

“Although the cloud is certainly a better place for devops, I don’t believe that devops should be used only in cloud deployments. Instead, you should use devops approaches and enabling tools such as Puppet or Chef in most of the development you do these days — both cloud and on-premises.”

Why CFOs Should Embrace SysAdmins

Bill Koefoed is CFO of Puppet Labs shares on Wired magazine’s why he believes finance and management in general should discover their love for operations folk. Automation and the streamlining of automated processes is the next big frontier in cost savings and delivery of predicable outcomes. This can only be achieved through greate collaboration between developer and operations. DevOps anyone?

DevOps Enterprise Summit bashes silos – SD Times

Beginning of week 43 I attended the DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14), taking place this week in San Francisco. What a great event. Find out who was there and what was going on. All sessions where recorded and I heard they will available for free from the event portal. My all-time favorites of the event are the sessions by Target and Nordstrom.

Microsoft and Dell Team Up for Cloud-in-a-Box Systems

Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) is an on-premises, Microsoft Azure compatible, hardware and software platform exclusively available from Microsoft. Starting early November Dell will start shipping the HW/SW platform.

Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk

I know, I reference’s blog quite a bit. But their posts are very well written and may resonate so well with my own observations. Emotional intelligence is, next to empathy, something extremely important in a world of different teams with different philosophies having to work together. So, this post is an ideal candidate for the links list of the week.

GE’s Big Agile Bet

The title says it all. Head over to and find out more.


That’s it for week 43. Next week is TechEd. Actually for most Microsofties it has already started and final preparations, first meetings, rehearsals etc. are well under way. Talk to you soon.

If you are at TechEd (#TEE14) ping me on Twitter if you want to chat or see the team at one of the many activities we have planned around DevOps.


N.B. Excuse typos. This has been written last minute standing in front of a cupboard in my tiny 6’x10’ hotel room.