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Broad Support for Docker in Windows Server and on Microsoft Azure announced

Today’s announcement of a deep collaborations between Docker Inc. and Microsoft is additional evidence that Microsoft is very serious about supporting IT organization’s decisions to rely on multi-vendor and multi-platform operations models. With containerization becoming more and more relevant  and with Docker being one of the most advanced technologies in this area, a collaboration for the benefit of the customer is only natural.

After Microsoft added support for Docker containers on Linux VMs in Microsoft Azure back in June, customer will have the ability to access the Docker Hub from within the Azure management portal. This is the next step in supporting seamless integration of non-Microsoft technologies and solutions into our platforms. But it does not stop there.


Microsoft and Docker are working to integrate the Open Source Docker engine into a next release of Windows Server, making it easier for developers to create containers which include apps built in Java, C++, Node.js, .Net. and others. Read ScottGu’s blog for more details.

Another effort is under way to enable support for a native Docker client on Windows. Operations (and developers) will be able to manage and deploy Docker based solutions with Windows AND Linux environments.

Further, the Docker Hub will be included in the Microsoft Azure Gallery and the management portal.

Last but not least, Microsoft is contributing code back to Docker’s Open Orchestration API. This will enable operations (and developers) to use Docker at the command prompt to start Linux and Windows based containerized solutions directly in Microsoft Azure.


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