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Top DevOps Links – Week 41

clip_image001Posting my favorites a day early – at least. Try to stay offline this Friday and get some work done around the house. Physical work. I mean, the real deal. Hammer and nail, paint and brush and all…

As always, I am very interested in your favorite DevOps link(s) of this week. Please share them in the comments. I’ll read them all and will give you my biasedopinion. Links are not in a particular order nor do they express a certain preference.

I show you mine, you show me yours.

    • How Successful People Stay Calm
      You know how it is, sometimes emotions take over, voices are raised and sometimes chairs are thrown (allegedly). Folks from the University of California found out that medium level of stress might be good for you but at the same time it is important to keep stress levels under control. Tell me about it.
    • Put Yourself in Your Colleague’s Shoes
      Same vain as above. In hindsight it looks like I had a lot of stress earlier in the week.
      From the article: "How many conflicts at work result from simply being unable to see the issue from your counterpart’s perspective?"
    • Build a DevOps culture: Because you’re better together
      This post is an announcement for an online event hosted by the cool folks from The Register. The event is held on November 7th, 11am GMT.
      The Register is “grilling IBM’s Ashok Reddy with questions: “Everyone’s talking about DevOps, but not everyone can do it. Rapid prototyping that incorporates feedback gets great results when you do it well, but that’s easier said than done. What’s the balance between innovation and optimisation? How do you keep control of the process? How do you ensure it creates better results, not just more work?”
    • Feedback fuels Azure Plugin tool updates for Jenkins Developers
      New update to above mentioned plugin. With this latest update, the MS OpenTech team included a new feature to our storage plugin that provides a way to access Jenkins deployment artifacts in Azure Storage anonymously yet securely after a job is complete. Pretty cool, huh?
    • Turn the Pressures of Technology into Potential
      Digital technology has certainly and without any doubt touched and deeply influenced the lives of a large portion of the Earth’s population. In the future it will continue to do so in new and still unimaginable ways. It will reach even larger portions of the population. The next industrial revolution is upon us. Can you feel it?
      On the HBR blog John Hagel III  looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly of technology and gives advice to companies and to individuals on how to turn this pressure into potential.
    • Create Hudson Slave VMs on Azure with our New Plugin
      Even more good ness from the MS OpenTech team. This time they beefed up the Azure Slave Plugin. In the post you find out about the what and how.
    • SDN or Software Defined Networking – Intro to What, Why, How
      Shameless self-promotion of sorts. And while the post is just an intro, it points to some great resources on NetworkComputing about how Microsoft internally implements and uses SDN. Great resource. Great read.

That’s it for this week. Happy reading.
Unlike other posts on this blog, this one does for obvious reasons not have a resources section.

Have fun