DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

What does an IT Pro role look like in a new DevOps world?

In a highly-functioning organization implementing DevOps principles what might and evolved role for IT Pros and Operations teams look like?  In the 3 resources below, we answer this question in different ways and even more.

Resource 1: A short Edge Show episode good for starters which starts at 8 min 37 seconds.  Morgan and I dispel some common misconceptions we have been seeing/hearing and lay out a framework for how you might think about DevOps which universally applies to anyone.  This graphics framework is slightly updated in regards to the process component from what you’ll see in the other two resources below based on our feedback/learning.

You can download the video from the source, see the detailed breakdown of questions, or simply watch it below.


Resource 2: A 200-level 70 minute session I delivered at TechEd North America 2014 on an evolved role an IT Pro might play with DevOps.  This is good to watch if you want to understand the role an IT Pro might play across the full development lifecycle, with a specific emphasis on how Microsoft’s cloud technologies play a part (namely Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online, and Application Insights).

You can download the video and slides from the source or watch it below.

Resource 3: DevOps: An IT Pro Guide.  A 200-level guided course with 5 modules (~4 hours total content) Morgan and I delivered as a MVA Jumpstart early May 2014.  This gives the most depth coverage on the evolved role an IT Pro might play with DevOps with specific Microsoft product examples across on-premises and the cloud.  View the course at: