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DevOps Session Highlights from TechEd 2014

As much as the DevOps momentum has arrived at many of the Microsoft enterprise customers, it has also arrived at the premier Microsoft IT pro event, TechEd. At this year’s TechEd North America 2014 in Houston TX, we communicated our One Microsoft DevOps message to both the enterprise developer community as well as our core IT operations audience.

The chart to the right shows the number of “DevOps” tagged sesimagesions during the past 4 TechEd North  America events. We started of with 0 sessions in 2011. This year TechEd delivered 9 sessions focused on DevOps plus a good dozen other sessions with DevOps relevance, like the session on Microsoft Azure Automation. Find more details and references to sessions at the bottom of this post.

Only a little while after the //build conference back in April in San Francisco where we first heavily hit on DevOps for the developers, TechEd highlighted what the industry and what Microsoft in particular had done to support agile methods of delivering solutions in a collaborative style. Developers, IT operations and other skills involved, working in one process model, using aligned toolsets along the full product lifecycle from idea to product retirement.

Microsoft Azure and its new and innovate “Ibiza” portal being at the forefront of innovation for DevOps in the cloud as well as major improvements in on-premise Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online have been showcased during Brad Anderson’s keynote address. Microsoft Azure is at the center of innovation in the cloud, and products like the new Windows Azure Pack positively impact todays and tomorrows DevOps efforts on-premise.

And if you stop reading here, make sure to check out my personal session recommendations in the resources section below. 😉

From my team’s perspective the most relevant session was the pre-conference PRC05 DevOps: An IT Professional’s Guide. Unfortunately as with any of the pre-conferences its content is not available to the public. It was an important milestone for my team as well as for Microsoft. After months of preparation and collaboration with many different teams inside Microsoft and with industry analysts, we finally had the chance to focus an entire day on DevOps for the IT pro operations audience, complementing a similar pre-conference focusing on developers. The content was extremely well received by the audience and we will use it as a foundation for more operations focused content for coming events. If you have not been to TechEd in Houston, TX, here’s an opportunity for you: Sign up for TechEd in Barcelona, Spain, in October. We plan on having a similar pre-conference with many updates and the latest and greatest details on Microsoft Azure and more.

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Thanks for reading. Again, as bonus for your kind attention, a number of resources for further reading and watching.

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A couple of days prior to TechEd 2014 my team delivered a Jumpstart on DevOps. If you are looking for introductory content on DevOps with Microsoft I suggest you visit and find DevOps content online. As of today (May 22nd, 2014), the Jumpstart sessions are yet available.
Over 2,000,000 IT professionals, dev and ops professionals have already registered for the learning portal and use it on a daily basis.

Beyond that, all sessions from TechEd 2014 have been recorded (with few exceptions) and are available online for you to review or revisit. Here are the sessions I recommend watching (not in the order of importance):

TechEd Keynote

The opening keynote with Brad Anderson

The Future of Microsoft Azure DevOps: Building, Deploying, Managing, and Monitoring Your Cloud Applications in the New Azure Portal

The new, Microsoft Azure Portal Preview – reimagined, redesigned, and remade for you. Join us for this journey into the future of DevOps, …


PowerShell Desired State Configuration and DevOps in Microsoft Azure

Learn how to leverage Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration to operationalize “DevOps” capabilities on Azure. …

Transform Your IT Skills in a DevOps World

Tired of getting paged at 2:00am due to a bug in the developer’s code or infrastructure problems? Frustrated by Shadow IT and developers going around your back …

Practical DevOps for Datacenter Efficiency

Are your software releases inconsistent, infrequent, and unreliable? Can you deploy software at the rate demanded by your stakeholders? A key aspect of DevOps is aligning people, processes, and …

New DevOps Agent: Application Performance Monitoring in Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

Microsoft Monitoring Agent is a new agent that combines .NET Application Performance Monitoring in System Center 2012 R2 with the full functionality of IntelliTrace Collector in the Microsoft Visual Studio development system.

Channel 9 Live: Edge Show

Get insight from DevOps experts in this panel interview shot live at TechEd North America 2014 on the Channel 9 stage. On the panel we have Richard Seroter, Mickey Gousset, and Bradley Millington. …

Implementing a Release Pipeline with Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

Release management is one of the key processes in a DevOps strategy. This session presents an overview of the key concepts of continuous delivery and then focuses on capabilities of Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 …

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Automation

In this session, learn how Azure Automation enables you to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Microsoft Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine. …

The Agile End-to-End Story for Developers and IT Professionals

This session takes a deep dive showing the integration between Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft System Center, allowing for Agile infrastructure deployment and monitoring, resulting in Agile development.