DevOps in the Enterprise

The role of IT in DevOps

Welcome to the New DevOps Blog for IT Professionals

Welcome to our new DevOps blog. My name is Volker Will, I lead the enterprise evangelism team for IT Professionals in the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism group.

My team of technical subject matter experts focuses on evangelizing various technologies and scenarios relevant for IT operations teams in enterprises of all sizes. The focus of our work is driven by existing and even more so by new products coming from Microsoft as well as emerging technology trends in the IT industry. The team combines over 70 years of direct IT Pro experience to provide opinions and recommendations on products and services optimized on the Microsoft platform, including Open Source tools. Whether you’re avid watcher of the Edge Show, if you’ve attended an IT Camp, or if you’re new to Microsoft’s programs designed specifically with you, the IT pro, in mind, my team of technical experts travel around the world to teach and listen to IT pros building a library of technical content and resources on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

What this blog is about

Posts on this blog will focus on DevOps and what it means for the enterprise operations teams. Because there are at least as many definitions of DevOps as there are rainy days in Seattle and we will try to not add another and rather use a next post to discuss the relevance of closer collaboration DevOps-style. This blog will focus on sharing best practices, information about tools and products from Microsoft and others. We will share experiences we have had internally at Microsoft, as well as those from customers and partners we talk to. Our goal is to listen and understand how DevOps is emerging and evolving in your organization.  We encourage you to engage in the conversation and share your own thoughts and feedback with us.

The world is different from yesterday

Developers and operations teams, all of IT in the enterprise actually, is driven by the business demands to deliver more and better results, richer features and tools in less and less time and of course with higher quality than ever. On the developer side, agile development methodologies have by far surpassed the “old” waterfall model in effectiveness and efficiency. More and more development groups move to new ways of satisfying business requirements fast and furiously. Terms like continuous delivery, MTTD and MTTR define the effectiveness of teams beyond just development.

Faster moving markets require higher levels of agility from developers. Quicker delivery of new features and bug fixes create the demand for an ever faster moving IT, creating a whole new set of challenges for operations team in the enterprise.

In this world of Agile, operations teams are often perceived as road blocks on the highway to faster and faster delivery into production. Developers like IT professionals are artists of their profession. Over time they “developed” many creative ways to circumvent operations teams and move their code into production avoiding the operations bottlenecks. “Shadow IT”, one of the better known ways of avoiding the operations team, has emerged and created a whole new set of problems for businesses of all sizes.

Opportunity, not threat

This different world of creating software and building solutions demands the evolution of IT. A trend that has emerged over the past few years is DevOps. Our goal with this blog is to help you navigate DevOps and to support you to evolve your organization to better collaborate with your developers and other teams to be successful in a world of continuous delivery. Along the way we intend to share tips and tricks and best practices.

This will be fun.

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