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When I started blogging five years ago there were not many great blogs out there and twitter was just emerging from its egg. It was hard to find good information on deployment. However things have changed, there is a vibrant community of deployment experts out there who are only too willing to share their expertise. The key channels that they use are blogs, twitter and the deployment forums. With this in mind I thought I would create an index of the resources that I use out there, it is certainly not an exhaustive list but hopefully you find it useful.

There are great number of deployment blogs that are worth following, here is a selection of the blogs I follow.

Johan Arwidmark All round Deployment Guru and MVP
Mikael Nystrom Deployment Bunny - The name says it all, also an MVP
Michael Niehaus Mr. MDT
Chris Nackers ConfigMgr MVP who should really be a deployment MVP
Xtreme Consulting A team of deployment experts including Keith Garner
Maik Koster Web Service Magician and Deployment MVP
MDT Team Blog The official “mouthpiece” of the MDT team
The App Compat Guy Chris Jackson - the guru of all things related to capability, what else can I say?

Scriptimus Ex Machina

A new blog from Andrew Barnes with lots of great information

Jonathan Bennett

Mr. AutoIT - A great source of information about deployment

Revue du Geek

A French deployment blog by Yannick Pavonil

These days I get most of my knowledge in 140 character increments. The following list tends to feature the same “characters” from the blogs but is definitely worth following them for alerts to new blog posts and much more great information.



Blogs and twitter really help with learning about deployment but what if you need help with your problem? Well the best place to go is the Technet Microsoft Deployment Toolkit forum. This is were a lot of deployment gurus “hang out” and they are always willing to help with your questions.

This post was contributed by Ben Hunter, an Architect with Microsoft Services

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Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ben Hunter over on The Deployment Guys has put together a nice blog post with a list of various community

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rod Trent says:

    Have you ever followed the MDT email discussion list?  That is always hopping, has a bunch of deployment gurus participating, and I suspect a lot more active.

  4. Ben says:

    This is a great list of resources that I will definitely be checking out, thanks for compiling it!

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