Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager- New Version for Office 2010

If you attended any of my Office 2010 OnRamp sessions you'd have heard me mention that there was (at the time) no version of the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) for Microsoft Office 2010.  Well that has changed recently with the release for download of this tool, updated for Office 2010; you can get it here.  For those who never attended the sessions (maybe the commute to Spain was too far, or your Spanish was not up to it?), or have no clue whatsoever as to what this tool is and what it does, I'll quickly reiterate!

Basically, the OMPM is a set of tools that can help an IT Pro during the planning/testing phases of a deployment and/or a migration to Microsoft Office 2010.  You can use the tool to locate Office documents (amongst many other things) that might give issues when they are opened in the new version of Office, especially when migrating from the binary format to the newer XML-based format.  It will also help out with documents that have VBA macros and also the migration to the 64-bit version of Office.  I find it to be a pretty useful tool and I have used it in the past on deployment projects.  A great feature that I like is the ability to mass-migrate documents to the new format, and also the ability to run a scan on a folder of files and highlight the problem ones.

This post was contributed by Daniel Oxley, a Consultant with Microsoft Services Spain 

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