MDT 2010 Update 1 – Now Available

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 Update 1 has been released to the web.  You can find details about the update here:  You can download it from here:

Some of the key changes in MDT 2010 Update 1 are:

  • Comprehensive tools and guidance to efficiently manage large-scale deployments of Microsoft Office 2010.
  • A new User-Driven Installation (UDI) deployment method that utilizes System Center Configuration Manager. UDI lets end users initiate and customize an OS deployment on their PCs—via an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Automatically detects the true supported platforms for drivers, reducing deployment issues.

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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.

Comments (12)

  1. JS – Yes, you need to upgrade your deployment shares and rebuild your boot images.  I'm not sure if the other issues are related.

    Impatient – Thanks for pointing this out.  It appears that only the x86 download is incorrect.  The x64 MSI download appears to be correct.  I have already notified the MDT team.

    Michael Murgolo

  2. Apparently, there are still delays in the content replication to the download center servers.  Hopefully this will resolve itself soon.  Please keep trying.

    The MDT team is aware of the issue:

    Michael Murgolo

  3. It appears that the download center files had not fully propagated during the earlier download attempts.  I just tried again and got the correct downloads.  Try downloading again.

    Michael Murgolo

  4. JS says:

    Hi, Do we need to rebuild the boot image reflect these changes once the update has been installed?  I've been having problems with the bootstrap.ini credentials locking out in AD when trying to deploy.  It connects to the deploymentshare fine though and the credentials are correct.  Any ideas?

  5. Impatient says:

    Sadly enought the files being offered for download are version 2010 update "nothing". They are 10 MB as oppose to 16 MB in the file description. I hope MS fixes this soon…

  6. Impatient says:

    The files offerd on Microsoft's site are not update 1. They are version 5.0, not 5.1. Also the size is wrong, 10 MB as oppose to 16 MB specified on the file description.

  7. Ravenmike says:

    Actually the download link for the x86 is still putting out the old version. (5.0, 10MB)  Just tried it this morning.

  8. Tom Stack says:

    Why is that none of the avaible downloads on the component page are working, or downloading?  I click download for say the application compatabilty kit and it says downloaing then says transient error. Is this a known issue?

  9. Hassler says:

    The x86 is still wrong.  I keep getting the 10mb version.

  10. Phil Wiffen says:

    @murgolom I'm still getting only a 10MB download for the 64-bit version 🙁

  11. Woody says:

    Wow, I am extremely excited about the prospects of UDI and the empowerment it brings to the customer relationship! I am a federal employee faced with the mandate from above to migrate all of my users to Windows 7. Many of my users are PhD researchers, scholars, "cream of the cream" so to speak, in other words: ROCK STARS, and they all think they know more than me or my boss – on an exponential level. Providing me with a mechanism to guarantee buy-in for the migration event transforms my relationship with these individuals: suddenly, they see that we are on the same team working towards the same goal. It also provides my support staff with the perspective of "selling" the migration instead of "winning a battle".

    Here is the question (I am still looking for the answer): Is there a way for the user/customer to verify that USMT did capture all of his/her profile information before pulling the trigger on the install? The intent of my quest is to provide a mechanism of reinforement, a built-in confidence building tool that will quickly and easily confirm beyond doubt that their files are safe, their user settings are safe, their personalization settings are safe before they commit to the migration – giving the user an option to cancel the migration does wonders for marketing! Trust me, when we relieve our users/customers of the fear of losing any data, and offer the performance benefits of the upgrade, they will race to the finish line and brag about easy it was!

    Summary: Is there a mechanism for my users to confirm that their data is safe before commiting to the migration?

    Woody Fairley CCNA, MCITP, CCP

    PS – I just finished the Springboard video, and it is golden, especially the contributions by the external IT staff members from Central Bible College and National Instruments.

  12. Woody says:

    Here in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, the downloads are now working with the correct install files downloading along with the correct additional documentation files, which are significantly different – to reflect the significant changes to the product with Update 1. I am glad to see that the team invested the effort in providing us with adequate documentation.

    Can I request some videos on UDI? Specifically on customizing the user migration experience and confirming the success of the USMT operations w.r.t. saving user data??

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