Updated Driver INF Information Script

A few years ago I wrote an article for TechNet Magazine on how to Automate Device Driver Integration for Windows image builds and deployment.  The article is now somewhat dated since BDD/MDT and System Center Configuration Manager now handle much of this for you.  However, I included with that article several scripts that can still be useful.  One of those scripts, DriverInfInfo.vbs, can be used to retrieve provider and version info, Plug and Play IDs, and device descriptions for all device driver .inf files in a folder structure.

One request that comes up fairly frequently is to document the “in the box” drivers that come with Windows.  This script can be used against a running Windows installation to generate such “in the box” driver information.  Unfortunately, the version of the script included with the TechNet Magazine article could not handle the Unicode driver INF files included with Windows Vista and higher.  The new version included below fixes that limitation.

Run the attached VBScript (using cscript from a command prompt) against the \Windows\INF folder (using the /folder switch) and it will create an information file of all the INF-based drivers included with Windows.  However, this will also contain information about any “out of the box” drivers that have been installed.  You can identify these because the INF file names will start with “OEM”.  Output formats are INI, CSV, or XML.  The CMD file included shows how to set the switches for DriverInfInfo.vbs.  You can also run

cscript DriverInfInfo.vbs /?

from a command prompt for help on usage.

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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.


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  1. anony.muos says:

    Hello I recently migrated to Windows 7 from XP. In the days of Windows XP, I used Setup Manager to create an answer file with DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore and used the $Oem$ method to put drivers alongwith the Windows setup files so they would get silently installed. I read that Driver signing policy is set to always warn even in 32-bit Windows 7. I have heard of the Windows AIK and redesigned Windows 7 setup method (image based) but unfamiliar with WAIK's tools. My question is: Can I inject (if that's the correct term) unsigned drivers into the Windows 7 image and when I start my unattended setup of Windows 7, have the drivers install without any warn or UAC prompts so my system is ready to use. Or only digitally signed drivers injected into the image will not produce any prompts?

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