A Change in Line-Up

As some of you may have noticed, we have a new Deployment Guy, Samesh Singh.  As you can see from Samesh’s BIO here, he is from Australia and is an expert in deployment technologies.  He has already gotten off to a great start by posting an excellent article about an issue that will likely have tripped a few people up in the past, or if not, you now know how to avoid it!  From the rest of the team, we extend a huge welcome to Samesh; I know he'll be sharing some great posts in the future with everyone.


As Samesh joins the team, Richard Trusson leaves.  Richard was one of the founders of this blog and a great colleague and deployment expert, but recently decided to leave Microsoft in order to pursue new ventures.  I am sure (I hope, anyway!) that he has our blog in his RSS feed, so Richard: we wish you all the best for the future!


This post was contributed by Daniel Oxley a consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services Spain

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  1. Rich Coulter says:

    Sorry to hear about Richard leaving. I made Richard this year during the Windows 7 Airlift. Incredible guy and very knowledgeable. Hate to see him leave, but I wish him the best.

    Rich Coulter

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