Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 Update 1 Released

The MDT Team has released the first Update to MDT 2008 (which is really the second update to MDT, hence the 4.2 version number).  The main new features for this release are support for OEM preload scenarios (i.e. having the PC vendor preload an image onto your hardware that will work with MDT in your environment) and a revised System Center Operations Manager Management Pack.  Minor updates include bug fixes and design changes to override driver platforms as well as the ability to inject all drivers into Windows PE.  This release also has revised documentation.

I'm sure that once we've had a chance to give this update a thorough review, the Deployment Guys will have more to say about how this update will impact your deployments.

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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.

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  1. DeploymentGuys says:

    The MDT team told me that the new versions of the MSI files may not have been replicated to the download site at the time you downloaded.  I hit the same thing.  I just re-downloaded it (3:15 pm US Eastern Daylight Time) and finally got the correct version.

    Please try downloading it again.

    Michael Murgolo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys,

    First off, great blog. Wouldn’t be anywhere without your combined expertise! Really has helped me.

    Second, I think there may be an issue in the new version of Deployment (I actually hope it’s just me being dumb!).

    When deploying an image, the process seems to be completely ignoring the files I am adding into controlbuildid$oem$$1.

    It used to be that any supplemental files in this folder were copied into the root of the C drive. But it is not not the case. It’s driving me nutty. Any ideas on this?

    Thanks again.


  3. Hi Jim,

    Try changing the UILanguage to en-US. If you have look at the help that comes in the Windows AIK you will see that the parent language for mi-NZ, or even just plain old en-NZ, is en-US. So this must be installed and selected as the ‘parent’ or UI language.

    A good way I use to work out what these setting should be is not to automate the language and locale selection wizards and make sure you also show the summary screen. Select your language/locale and then check the summary screen to see what values are used. Now move these into the CS.ini and away you ( should ) go.


    Richard Trusson

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not to take all the shine off using MDT for Vista & 2008 but does anyone have a simple to use process to use this for deploying XPSp3?

    It seems like this would be a great way to create a single XP desktop, manually add all the applications and silly stuff then have the MDT image the workstation and build a single DVD.

    Insert the DVD into new or old workstations, let it boot, install and Voila!

    For folks with less than 20 workstations this would be a god send.   I’ve looked at this but it seems like there is no way to manually install the applications and have the MDT capture and image.

    Anyone know how to do this?


  5. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that after upgrading to MDT 2008 Update 1, I no longer have the job aids that were once available.  I understand that everything is now supposed to be within the help .chm file but we seem to no longer have things like project process & team guidance, templates, etc. that were once located within the BDD or MDT "wheel" in the Workbench Documentation node.  When we deliver Vista DDPS or ADS sessions around desktop deployment we reference these and the MSFT delivery decks’ content also follow the wheel model.  Is this by design or will they be back?  Are these gone for good now?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This may be a bit off topic, but cannot seem to find a more relevant topic.

    I have set my customsettings.ini file to:



    TimeZoneName=New Zealand Standard Time




    Unfortunately, these settings are ignored and during the WinPE question and answer sequence, I am only presented with English options for locale and keyboard.

    I did come accross the following from Microsoft

    Article ID : 952573

    Last Review : May 13, 2008

    Revision : 1.1

    Is this what I need to do to resolve my issues?

  7. Jacob Hodges says:

    It is getting really hard to keep up-to-date with all the new version of MDT and what has changed. Is there a change log somewhere??

  8. Markku says:

    It’s great to have this new release – especially LTI OEM was needed.

    Quite a few of the scripts were updated but there is no change history. Why?

  9. adam says:

    The link to the x86 version appears to be incorrect, its downloading the 4.1.523.0 file, 32mb.  The x64 is correct, at 8mb.

  10. Jay Parekh says:

    The Help / About still shows 4.1 even through it’s 4.2 in the setup/update process.

  11. John Medwid says:

    Can somebody else verify that this new version does not put a DeployRoot entry into the Bootstrap.ini for Network Deployment Points.

    My LAB Deployment Point is OK but for my NETWORK Deployment Points inside the WinPE WIM my bootstrap.ini is only about 2 lines long and doesn’t contain the DeployRoot entry.

  12. Rich Coulter says:

    I just downloaded/installed the update and Help / About still shows 4.1.


  13. Joe Raby says:

    I sure wish WinRE deployment support was added into Update 1.  It wasn’t, even though there are new variables set up for it.  Having to create extra scripting for it seems like a major pain.

    Does anybody know what kind of issues I might face by using a typical OEM-style WinRE install on GPT disks?

    Anybody like to comment on GPT?  Aside from the x64 requirement, what kind of benefits or downsides are there?  Is there any information online on how GPT might affect disk performance?

  14. pawel says:

    R_Zulewski: Just use wdscapture from Windows PE 2.0 wim image, export it from WDS and import in MDT 🙂

  15. Andrea says:

    I also do the $OEM$ in MDT 2008, I not only put the folder under the control folders/build I also haev them under the roo of the Distribution folder. You have the OemPnPDrivers path in the unattend adn sysprtep? I haven’t had any issues doing it this way.

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