MDT Script Explanations

I get quite a few emails from people asking if there is a help file that details all of the scripts that are supplied with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). The scripts form the engine of a deployment and can also help you to develop a framework for scripts that you need to create for your own tasks. The MDT documentation (installed in \Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Documentation) is a good place to start - but I also point people to the online MDT Reference - which lists the following information for each script supplied:


  • Name. Specifies the name of the script.

  • Description. Provides a description of the purpose of the script and any pertinent information regarding script customisation.

  • Input. Indicates the files used for input to the script.

  • Output. Indicates the files created or modified by the script.

  • References. Indicates other scripts or configuration files that are referenced by the script.

  • Location. Indicates the folder where the script can be found. In the information for the location, the following variables are used:

    • program_files. This variable points to the location of the Program Files folder on the computer where Microsoft Deployment is installed.

    • distribution. This variable points to the location of the Distribution folder for the deployment point.

    • platform. This variable is a placeholder for the operating system platform (x86 or x64).

  • Use. Provides the command line and options that can be specified.

  • Arguments and description. Indicate the valid arguments to be specified for the script and a brief description of what each argument means.

  • Properties. The properties referenced by the script.


You will find each MDT script breakdown at 

This post was contributed by Richard Smith a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services, UK.

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  1. Ken Thomas says:

    I noticed in your LTI screencast that on your COREIMAGE01 you had a few task sequence items for customizing Vista like SetBuildWallpaper, SideBarDisable, EnableRemoteDesktop, DisableLastLogoff, AdminScrambler, etc. Can you share the scripts and settings behind these or offer any others for further custimizing a Vista Core Image?

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