Shameless Self-Promotion #1: Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista

My post for today is a little off topic (although not too far off).  One of the biggest changes to the user experience on Windows Vista is User Account Control (UAC).  I'm not going to repeat the details of UAC here.  My purpose today is to make you aware of some tools that I have created to make UAC more palatable for people who work with UAC on (as we all should) but frequently have to elevate tasks.  Many people in IT fall into this category.  The "deployment" tie-in here is that you can deploy these PowerToys as a Role-based application for IT Admin-type users to improve their UAC experience on Vista.  This will hopefully encourage those who have Administrator rights (either directly or they know the credentials of an Admin account) to stay secure and keep UAC turned on.

I also won't describe the tools here since the TechNet Magazine articles already do that.  Please take a look at both articles if you think these would be useful to you or your organization's "Power Users".  Download the tools from the June 2008 article.  This download has the complete set of tools.

Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista - Utility Spotlight column, TechNet Magazine, June 2007

New Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista, TechNet Magazine, June 2008

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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.

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  1. JohnnyG says:

    Awesome Tool!

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