Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Lite Touch Video Walkthrough

Are you struggling with setting up MDT Lite Touch? - I have created a  video walkthrough that shows you how to:

  • Add operating systems, applications, drivers and packages to MDT

  • Configure Office 2007 into the build process

  • Create a MDT Lite Touch task sequence 

  • Setup a lab based deployment point

  • Create a customised build to a reference computer

  • Capture the reference computer as a customised WIM

  • Add the customised WIM back into MDT for deployment

View the MDT Lite Touch Video Walkthrough from the Windows Media Servers here!

View the MDT Lite Touch Video Walkthrough from the TechNet Edge Media Servers here !

This post was contributed by Richard Smith a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services, UK.

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  1. doxley says:

    @Jon Solan

    Hi Jon,

    No, WDS is not a requirement to use MDT.  You only need WDS if you plan on PXE-booting the machines to do a network deployment without any existing SMS/ConfigMgr infrastructure.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Richard Smith vient de publier une vidéo (en anglais) sur le blog des deployment guys presentant un scénario

  3. Ben Hunter says:

    Hi Jibu,

    I would strongly recommend that you do not change the MDT DB. This will cause issues if you ever want to upgrade.

    There is also no way to any custom fields in the deployment workbench.

    Instead I would use the “spare” fields that MDT provides. The fields are SERVERA and SERVERB.

    So simply assign the values to these spare fields and then reference them in the wizard or scripts.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Richard,

    Not sure if other people are having same problem, but I am unable to download the provided zipped file.  I can download your other two with no problems.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m having an issue with MDT and a couple commands in CustomSettings.ini



    Whenever I introduce either of these commands, I can get to the summary page with the "begin" button, but it fails soon as I press "begin".

    Nothing happens.  I have to go to C: and delete the MININT folder and try again.

    It deploys with no issues if I pull those commands out.  I want to be able to hide that screen and have it preset when the techs launch the LiteTouch.vbs shortcut.



  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Richard,

    Great video! I was wondering something though.

    I’ve imported a new operating system (Windows XP SP2) without any modifications in the workbench, then in my lab task sequence > Install > Install Operating System, I changed it to my new OS that I added previously. Then, I right click on my lab deployment point and update. Once the new LiteTouchPE_x86.iso is created, I burn it to CD and boot my build machine with it. The problem is at the first panel, when prompted for network credentials, it can’t find my network because I’m assuming the network card drivers didn’t get added somehow to the new iso. If I revert my task sequence back to the previous OS, update the deployment point, burn the ISO to CD again and boot from it, it works fine.

    Is there something I have to manually modify in the iso to make it usable?


  7. Anonymous says:

    i have installed MDT 2008 is there a difference between MDT 2008 and MDT Lite touch.

    The problem i am having is i installed office 2003, visio and project 2003 and I dont get the office product TAB in application to configure office. is there another software for me to download to see this tab.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure whether this is the right place to post my question.

    In order to suit our deployment activities, we have created an additional wizard screen. We need to show an additional property (say SkipCustomWizard) within the database property tab (computer, roles, Location and Make & Model). I have created additional column in the “dbo.settings” table for SkipCustomWizard and refreshed the views too. I can see the new property in the view, but not able to bring into the "details" tab of database properties. Is there a way to do this? Please help.



  9. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone get Windows MDT 2010 to deploy Windows XP SP2 successfully? Getting this error no matter what I try 🙁

  10. DeploymentGuys says:

    Apologies – we are having some issues with the download location so I have updated the post with a different location – please try the download again…Richard

  11. Benno says:

    Hi Richard, I can’t download the file I think the link is broken.

  12. jeremy says:

    Best and most portable deployment demos ever! You do good work.

  13. Johnny Cadavid says:

    The download link worked for me. I have a somewhat silly question. Has anyone ever tried to use MDT in conjunction with Visual Source Safe? Currently have it set up like that and now I am running into problems. I personally don’t want VSS on the server, but my boss is saying otherwise. Has anyone ever tried to use BDD2007 or earlier versions with VSS 2005?

  14. jon sloan says:

    Quick and perhaps silly question, but do i need to install WDS in order to use MDT? I’ve downloaded the 1.1 waik, insatlled the MDT, but the documentation doesnt say if i need to install windows deployment services, or if MDT alone is able to handle pxe booting or boot from wim?

    any ideas?


  15. Ricardo Gaspar says:

    Great video…. thanks…

    Ricardo Gaspar


  16. Johnny_Carnage says:

    Thanks for the video!! It cleared up many questions and issues. I only wish the video was a little longer and that we drilled down into the customizing task sequences.  

  17. Neil C says:

    I am having problems deploying an XP image using MDT 2008 / WDS.  It is taking hours to copy the Windows Source files across to two clients.

    Can you offer anywhere to look to speed things up?

  18. KevinL says:

    Here is the situation, I’ve loaded MDT 2008 and updated it to 4.2 without issue on my desktop. However, when I created the same thing on a server copying the distribution share plus added a few new wim images. I get a bad pool error when i go to run the lite touch installation. It gets pass the loading phase but when the scrolling green bars pass 2 times, I get the error. I’ve double checked everything and it seems to be in order.  On another note I went back to the desktop loaded the new wim from the server and burned a new disk and I got the bad pool error again. I really don’t understand how or what is happening. But what I do know is that for my state of mind I used the orginal desktop disk I burned to use on the desktop and it boots and loads all of the wim’s, but I need it to work on the server to get it off of my workstation. Any ideas???

  19. marlon trim says:

    how would i know if i have the mdt lite touch, is the mdt 2008 the same or is it different.

    I installed mdt 2008 and i am having an issue when configuring the office application. i installed office 2003, visio 2003 and project 2003 and i dont see the office TAB to configure the license or the setup of office  

  20. JasonM says:

    Great video walkthrough. Helped me with the last little bit that I was missing, now its running great.

  21. bill says:

    great video wish i would have watched it last week!!

  22. adam says:

    Great Video, I am looking for more information on the next steps. Is there a guide to explain how to deploy the final image? Can this be done zero touch with MDT or do i have to get SCCM? I notice that there were no instructions on using the MDT database. Could someone point me in the direction of how to use the database and what it is for?

  23. gaffer says:

    I have been spending a week learning WAIK, running endless images and deployment techniques, all just because I wish to make my own OS recover the way I wish and also be preinstalled with updates, apps and drivers in case of a reinstall.

    MDT is awesome and video is so helpful now. However, I just don’t seem to be bright enough to figure out how to not point to a network location. I wish to deploy an image and then capture it , pointing to a drive location ..  not a network drive 🙁 I am sure it is a simple 3-4 choices but pleaseeee can someone help me. I look and look for examples or guides using MDT without WDS (I am rebuilding my Vista on Vista and can’t stand OEM recovery disks with their crap ad and spam programs). Please a friendly soul give me pointers. Kind regards,

    a gaffer

  24. Andrea says:

    I use MDT and have a network deploymetn point- but it’s on the same machine as the MDT, it’s just a separate share. If you’re running Vista you can a whole pc backup to an external drive to back up the pc that’s running MDT, in case of failure.

  25. Andrea says:

    If that device is the NIC then you don’t have the correct driver for WINpe.Vista driver is needed- not sure about MDT 2010 – still using 2008…

  26. Hemant Patil says:

    Hi Richard,

    I am in process of creating a Windows XP SP2 image using MDT 2010.

    I want to make the two partitions during the deployment.. Partition 1 C: Windows and Partition 2 D: Data.

    I have moved document and settings to D Drive; using registry key.

    While capturing the MDT sysprep and capture task sequence captures only Partition 1. This is because MDT only capture system Partition.

    And During the standard Client task sequence in "Format and Partition Disk" task i have created partitions as C: as 35 % of Disk as primary and D: as logical partition as 100% of disk. it does the formating and partitioning successfully; but my D: does not have any data on it.. Due to this i am unable to do certain post OS installation tasks. using scritps placed in startup of adminitrator profile.

    I have manually captured D drive using imagex and then created a custom command task task sequence to apply the D drive image using imagex after the ‘Install Operation System’ task. but the task sequence failed with error "system could not find the path specified". I have checked the imagex command and it’s correct. I have observed that during WinPE after formating the disk it assign a random drive letter. During my last test the drive letter assigned to logical partition was E. Also the the E: Drive has one folder called "smstslogs" which has smsts.log file.

    The Imagex command is as follows

    cmd /c ""\Servernamedeploymentshare$ToolsX86imagex.exe" /apply "\servernamedeploymentshare$Operating Systemsdatadata.wim" 1 D: >> C:MININTSMSOSDOSDLOGSLTIApplyData_imagex.log 2>&1"

    Can somebody help me on this..


  27. bazza says:

    is there a way i can download the whole video in one go, i cant seem to stream it.

  28. ivan says:

    Hi what is the user name and password am suposed to use to view the video help urgently

  29. Philippe says:

    Hi, Is there a way to create an exportable MDT. We have multiples sites and we would like to have a copy of our MDT (packages and task sequences) in specific sites

  30. Anonymous says:

    New Zealand :: 22 June 2012

    Andrew McMurray Technical Evangelist

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