GImageX is Back

Jon Bennett has released the latest version of the GImageX tool via the Autoit website.

GImageX is a graphical user interface for the Microsoft ImageX command line tool supplied with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK).

The latest version is v2.0.12 (26th March, 2008) and can be downloaded here. This new version of GImageX has a separate COM component so that it is possible to do WIM imaging directly from VBScript and/or HTAs.

Note: This tool is not supported by Microsoft. Please see the license that accompanies the download.

Comments (6)
  1. Welcome aboard! I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Ben Hunter says:

    Thanks for the complements. We are hoping that you will find this blog even more useful.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that you guys are getting together to do this. Been reading your individual blogs for a while.

  4. Jackyl says:

    Looking forward to some great information!  

    Is there any information on creating WinPE/WIM restore disks with this tool?  I found a site where the customized ‘Wim’ is placed into the WinpeISO directory and called from there but I only receive error messages.

  5. Excellent gents this is great.  We have a few scripts that might be useful if your interested.  MD is slick and the video here was excellent.

  6. ar says:

    is there any way you can apply XP hotfixes to Wim images using Gimagex?

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