Cannot connect to Windows Store (Windows 8.1, 8, RT and Pro)

 While updating the last of my devices to Windows 8.1, I received the following message when accessing the Windows Store. We weren't able to connect to the Store. This might have happened because of a server problem or the network connection timed out. Please wait a few minutes and try again. I attempted to perform the tasks (as referenced below) but none worked for me, so in line with my last post on accessing the internet, here's a few alternatives to the many out there on connecting to the store.


1. Choose Settings on the Charms menu
2. Choose Change PC settings "In Your account the following may be displayed"

If it requires account verification, click verify to enter current password

If verification is not displayed, choose Disconnect.

Note: Be sure to backup your recovery key before switching to a local account

3. After backing up your recovery key, choose skip backup.
4. Enter Current password and select Next

You'll be asked to create a local account, enter the following:

User name


Reenter password

Password hint

5. Select Next
6. Select Sign out and finish

Your computer will prepare and sign out, sign in with the information you entered in the local account.

7. Go back to Accounts and select Connect to a Microsoft account under Your account. It would ask you to Sign in to your Microsoft account, Click Next.

You may have to enter a code to verify identity, ensure your phone number and/or email is correct on your Microsoft account profile

8. Select Next on SkyDrive

9. Select Switch to switch to a Microsoft account from a local




Update 01/07/2014: For those who are having problems check this KB if it applies to you leave a comment to reach out to me.



Comments (36)

  1. Anonymous says:

    again stopped working

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are great ,worked for me ,thank you!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work for me either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, it worked for me

  5. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    thank you

  6. Bagus says:

    that's not work

  7. Nope. says:

    Tried That Does not Work for this error.

  8. le noir black says:

    It worked for me.  thank u

  9. Seabyrd says:

    Did nothing for me either !! still cannot connect to apps store and half my apps are blank and don't work when I click on them.. So far windows 8.1 sucks… was loving windows 8… now nothing works right !! so sorry I upgraded as it was  a downgrade

  10. angryboi says:

    didnt work.. frustrating

  11. anonymous says:

    didn’t work ever since i got windows 8.1 everything has not been working right

  12. anonymous says:

    Did not work at all for me

  13. Bogus says:

    Crap! Won’t work at all. Might be a different prob…

  14. hamba Allah says:

    not work, this is crap

  15. bagas says:

    Fix after latest windows update and uninstall these software , bitvise, proxifier, bluescreen viewer, everything (name of software) . So i don’t know what cause.

  16. Shen Jiayi says:

    I have encountered the same error in my VDI environment, non of the above worked. However, the comments from bagas gave me a hint. In VDI, disabling Windows Update is a standard optimization practice. And yes, after enabling the Windows Update service
    back, the error disappeared.

  17. Phil says:

    Switching from a Microsoft account to local account worked for me with these steps:
    Change PC Setttings
    Switch to local account
    Enter info, logs out, login to local account
    Go to Windows start menu
    Go to Windows Store
    Select Update to Windows 8.1

  18. Kwame Tawiah says:

    Guys the solution is very simply. All you have to do is change you date and time on you Surface device to the correct date and time. After that all issues regarding connectivity to the store and signing in to you Microsoft Account will be gone.

  19. Unknown says:

    didn’t work

  20. Ehtasham says:

    I Love you Kwame Tawiah. Your Comment Solved my all Problems… thankyou.

  21. Murali says:

    Thanks, It worked.. I think the problem comes when we access the windows store without first creating Microsoft account..

  22. ankit5 says:

    when I am going to install any app through store it ask for Microsoft account when I sign in it says purchase couldn’t complete error code 0x800704726

  23. Lobsiger says:

    Just another scandal from Microsoft. Are they helping those who cannot connect? Whatever

  24. Anand says:

    None of the above worked for me. My problem was fixed by just installing the updates 🙂

  25. Hardik says:


  26. John says:

    I think we need to obtain crowd funding to sue MS for all the crap we have had to put up with forced updates, changes and forcing us to take on an operating system which has been a dismal failure. MS have a lot to answer for !!

  27. John P says:

    For some time I had no luck being able to access the Kindle Store or Windows store. This may sound odd but It seems to be tied to your Internet Explorer settings, even if you do not use it. I use Firefox and it works normally but when I went to the internet
    explorer it could not access those sites. I found that it was set to point to a proxy server which was used for some other application. I recommend for you to check your settings on the INTERNET EXPLORER by doing this:
    Open Internet Explorer
    Look for the "Internet Options"….. Open it
    Deselect PROXY settings if there any and select "Automatically detect settings"
    Press OK and once more OK again
    Try and see if it works.
    It seems that Microsoft have integrated some critical stuff on Internet Explorer witch it uses on other programs which is very annoying.

  28. MaLisa Dowdy says:

    Thank you for explaining how to access my store going to tools, internet options, connection, Lan ,Unchecking the box use a server for your Lan . Now I am able to get to my store & I am so happy

  29. jazziu says:

    In my case it was caused by incomplete user and program data migration to other disk than windows system disk.

    One of suggested corrective actions:
    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.XML Add-AppxPackage
    Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073CFE

    According to this means:

    "The package repository is corrupted.
    You may get this error if the folder referenced by this registry key doesn’t exist or is corrupted:

    I corrected the disk letter in the entry, and winstore got started.

  30. Adhishri Kothiyal says:

    Sorry sir not working i need immediate assistance plz…!!!

  31. jon says:

    go to C:Users\AppDataLocalPackages(winstore folder) and cut all folders.

    then open up cmd and run this as admin powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.XML

  32. ishmaelkollie says:

    How can i open my accont

  33. bsss says:

    nothing works

  34. Ian says:

    I will NEVER EVER again buy a Surface Pro, this is ridiculous

  35. hare krishna says:

    not working

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