How to switch to Yammer social from SharePoint social (Office 365)

As everyone knows (unless you did not get the memo), Yammer can be added onto Office 365. 
The way it works with Office 365 is that newsfeeds are still available but you won’t be able to post
to everyone as Yammer is now the default. But not a lot of information exists on how it is setup, so
I’m going to walk you through the process from start to finish. The default settings is to utilize the
SharePoint Newsfeed which is pictured below, notice how you can select ‘Share with everyone’.

The first step is to change the ‘Enterprise Social Collaboration’ settings to use Yammer.
This setting is in the SharePoint admin center > settings > select ‘Use service’

Once the change is complete, you’ll notice that the same Newsfeed now says to use Yammer.
Existing posts are also still displayed and have not been removed.

And ‘Newsfeed’ is replaced with ‘Yammer’. Click ‘Yammer’ in the header to be taken to the Yammer site.

A popup window will appear that you’ll be redirected.

You’re now on the homepage and you sign up with the email address of your company.
If you have an existing Yammer account you can sign-in. This process assumes that no existing Yammer
account for an organization has been created.

One signed up a confirmation page is displayed.

Check your email for the confirmation email, click on the link in the message.

Once logged into the Yammer website, you then enter basic information about yourself and select a password.
Click ‘Next’

You’re next presented with a screen to add/invite co-workers, input aliases and/or Click ‘Next’

Welcome to Yammer, I’m not going to dive into the details of how to use it, there’s good how-to videos.
Now that Yammer is setup, let’s add the feeds to SharePoint.

The Yammer app needs to be added from the SharePoint Store. You can access the store by opening
up the SharePoint admin center > apps > Purchase Apps, Search for the ‘Yammer’ app and click on it.

Click ‘ADD IT’ to install the app. Note: You’ll need to sign-in to a account to complete the purchase.

Success, the app has been installed.

Okay, now that the Yammer application has been installed. It is time to add the ‘Yammer app’ to your
SharePoint site. In my example, I am adding the app to an existing news site under my intranet. Click on the gear
icon > Click on Add an App > Select ‘Yammer App for SharePoint’


Popup is displayed asking to trust the Yammer app, Click on ‘Trust It’

App is being added to you site…


Select the Gear icon, Select ‘Edit Page’. In the Insert tab > Select ‘Web Part’, Under Categories
Select > ‘Yammer’ Select > ‘Yammer Feed’

Edit the ‘Web Part’ and a popup is displayed to Auto Sign-in or to enter your Yammer credentials. Click ‘Allow’ when finished

Login without auto sign-in

Once signed in, you can select the feed you want displayed on the page.

Congratulations, you can now have conversations on Yammer integrated with SharePoint


If for some reason the integration is not to your liking, you can always switch back. Go back to the
‘SharePoint admin center’ and select ‘Use SharePoint Newsfeed (default).



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excelent, just tested in SP2013 online…. and it works….

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