Guest Blog: IPX Server, one of the leading hosters in Germany, is currently releasing 400 test servers available under the new portfolio of

Hello. I am Jörg Ehrhart, Managing Director, IPX Server, Germany. Our new portfolio of server products are all based on Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center concept. They provide us with a set of operational efficiencies and a rich array of new features that will increase the value of our products, such as high availability, burstable estate, performance monitoring and back up – enabling complete transparency to our customers who can log in and manage their own environment through their control panels.

Websites are becoming more business critical with current e-commerce implementations and IPX Server is now better positioned to address this growing market, thanks to the richness of Hyper-V and System Center.

A usage scenario that we expect much demand from is to sell estates of VDSs to Enterprises that run large scale campaigns and actions through their website. As visits to the websites are highly variable, the Dynamic Data Center enables websites that can easily scale up and down during the week or month, and you pay as you use. 

Below are some features that we’ll be launching based on the Dynamic Data Center.

·         Management and reseller functionality through a self-care portal

·         High availability

·         Manage Linux and Windows on one platform

·         Fully automated Provisioning

·         Adhoc availability of new servers

·         Fully scalable: HDD, RAM, CPU

·         P2V- Physical to Virtual – Migration

Our journey started with the Microsoft FastStart program. We received the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters from Microsoft, which was followed with training for our technical staff at the Bootcamp in Amsterdam. By applying the best practices we could jump start our developments and with the support from local Microsoft resources in Germany we can now build a fool proof and scalable environment.

With the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit, IPX Server is introducing a completely new product portfolio. High Quality V-Servers based on Microsoft System Center and Hyper-V, running on well-known high-end hardware and hosted by one of the best colocation infrastructures in Germany with 70Gbit/s+ capacity, high redundancy, and fully certified by TÜV, will offer all benefits of Server Virtualization to the customers. 400 of these servers are now offered to be tested at  .

IPX Server and Microsoft have partnered on bringing the newest technologies based on Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center and the Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server family to the German market. The long-term objective of the cooperation is to make IPX Server a technology leader so that IPX customers can be sure to always be provided with the newest technologies available for their needs.

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