Systems Integrators of All Sizes: Tapping Into Microsoft Hosting Revenue Momentum

The Dynamic Data Center concept supports a hosters’ need to move his infrastructure to a scalable model, thereby enabling his customers to both scale and manage their environment either through automation or through on-demand.  We are experiencing great success deploying the concept alongwith with many of our long-time hosting partners, and are now focused on expanding our Dynamic Data Center footprint around the world.  As a channel driven company, we want to do it with our Systems Integrator partners. 


Financial Opportunity for SIs

The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters is a shortcut to creating a cloud for the customers of hosters of ALL sizes.  This creates a great opportunity for Systems Integrators of ALL sizes because the services around deploying the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit walk the fine line between ‘roll-your-own’ for the large hosters and ‘engage a trusted advisor’  for the resource challenged…..and as I like to say to channel partners, “where there is mystery there is margin”.   The engagement model for SIs not only creates work-for-hire service offering with hosters, but it can also empower your own datacenter NOC to manage the environments you build


The best of all worlds: a transaction that creates recurring revenue.


Opening Door to Enterprises

We are currently engaging in ‘train the trainer’ sessions around the world to enable Systems Integrators to build, manage and scale Dynamic Data Center Infrastructure.  Soon to follow will be the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Enterprises which will complement our Software + Services vision around private and public clouds.  Not only is there a financial opportunity for the SIs, there is also empowerment/ capability that will open doors to enterprises and provide you with the skill sets to deliver a true Software + Services environment.


This might be the single biggest opportunity in IT services today since we are focused as a company on increasing our market share of web-facing servers by enabling our web developer ecosystem and driving demand to our hosting partners. 


If you are a Systems Integrator who wants to tap into this strong marketing motion, email me at and I will make sure you get into the action.


Matthew Haynes, Worldwide Industry Director – Hosting, Microsoft Communications Sector

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