Guest Blog: Order Delivery Time Reduced By 50%. Support Costs Decreased By 75%. Zero Maintenance Downtime. How Did MaximumASP Achieve This?

Hello, I'm Ryan Jones, Virtualization Product Manager at MaximumASP.  We provide managed hosting services on the Microsoft platform to over 50,000 domains in 120 countries


MaxV and Microsoft’s Platform with Hyper-V, System Center and Dynamic Data Center Toolkit Provides Our Customers Flexibility of the Cloud.


Twelve short months ago, we launched MaxV, the world's first low cost, highly available, instantly scalable virtual dedicated server.  By collaborating with Microsoft and implementing the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit, we were able to provide the flexibility of the cloud, but without the pain of application re-architecture or developer re-training.  In addition, we were able to provide our customers with a ‘single pane of glass’, which unified the System Center suite into a single dashboard, to monitor their hosted infrastructure at MaximumASP.


Customer response was remarkable - their hosted IT infrastructure was finally agile enough to meet the ever changing needs of their businesses.  Their servers were always available, by leveraging Failover Clustering, with no code changes.  They could add additional servers, or upgrade between predefined device configurations, with little more than a server reboot.  And since capacity could be added easily, their IT costs tracked demand for IT services.


The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit was a valuable resource for the rapid deployment of the MaxV platform. The toolkit and customer-driven feedback were the leading forces in product development – Dominic Foster, CTO.


Upcoming MaxV R2 Alongwith Full Integration of Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Manager and Dynamic Data Center Toolkit Addresses the Growing Customer Needs.

Order Delivery Time Reduced By 50%. Support Costs Decreased By 75%. Consolidation Ratios Increased By 10%. Zero Maintenance Downtime. Reduced Power Consumption. Reduced Cost of Delivering Service.


The needs of our customers are continuing to grow.  Clients now demand the ability to purchase processor, memory, and storage resources independently of one another.  Individuals also want to be able to purchase larger virtual instances, and they want them more quickly than ever.  We turned to the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit, and its updated Virtual Machine Manager content, to kick start development of MaxV R2.


With MaxV R2, and its full integration of Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager, customers are able to configure custom virtual servers with a la carte pricing.  In addition, customers are able to receive their custom MaxV R2 instance in up to 50% less time than with the initial MaxV offering.  During maintenance windows, customers experience no downtime, with the advent of Live Migration in Hyper-V and Maintenance Mode in Virtual Machine Manager


In addition to providing significantly improved services on the R2 platform, we have also been able to significantly reduce support costs.  Our virtual machine provisioning code was decreased by over 75%.  With clustered shared volumes and improved memory management in Windows Server 2008, consolidation ratios have increased by 10%.  Power Management technologies, including Core Parking and Core Affinity, have also significantly reduced the power consumption of the MaxV infrastructure, lowering the costs of delivering the service, and decreasing environmental impact.


Ultimately, by leveraging the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit, and its regular updates, MaximumASP has been able to provide new products and services which meet the changing demands of the marketplace, while decreasing both product development and operating expenses.


MaximumASP was a pilot partner during the development of the DDTK-H, and is a charter member of the Dynamic Data Center Alliance.

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