Guest Blog by RackForce: How is Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters keeping us relevant in the market?

Hello, I’m Randall Robinson, CIO & GM Operations of RackForce. As part of our Dynamic Dedicated Server (DDS) vision, we recently launched ddsCloud.  It enables computing resources - memory (RAM), processing (CPU) and data storage (SAN) - to be throttled up or down independently of each other -  perhaps and unique and best choice for many businesses.


Speedy delivery to our customers. Ease of managing resources. All at a fraction of the cost!

We deliver a highly-available enterprise-class server to our customers within minutes of their order - a task that not all that long ago would have taken hours or even days - and at a fraction of the cost to boot. 


This incredibly dynamic model is powered through best-in-class virtualization technologies (MS Server 2008 R2 - Hyper V), high-availability clustering and enterprise grade hardware configured in a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure environment and then we manage it all with Microsoft's System Center suite of tools (SCVMM, SCOM, SCCM).


With our ddsCloud, RAM and other essential computing resources can be increased (or reduced) on the fly and with almost zero impact. In addition to saving time and meeting critical business needs when they're needed, customers don't need to "over buy" in order to ensure they have the capacity to handle sudden or explosive growth so it also saves our customers money. 


Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters helps real-time provisioning & modification of resources

With help from the  Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters,  the ddsCloud's road map includes building on these capabilities so we can provision and modify resources automatically in real-time at the customer's request, all from within the RackForce Customer Service Center portal.  The customer will be able to right-size resources to suit their requirements at any given time and make changes at a moment's notice. 


Another important piece of the puzzle, and one that is quite unique to RackForce, is our scalable and green infrastructure. After all how scalable can a solution be if the infrastructure behind the solution is not designed to be equally scalable and sustainable right?  Our new GigaCenter is a 30,000 SF ultra-green data center (you can tell we're all pretty proud of it) that's designed for maximum efficiency and scalability.   We project that the ddsCloud delivered from GigaCenter will have a carbon footprint that is only 2% of that created in a traditional data center. And that is a staggering difference!

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