Guest Blog by Applied Innovations: Why we decided to offer the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters, to our customers?

Hello, I’m Jess Coburn, Founder and CEO of Applied Innovations (, and  I would like to share with you why we deployed the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters.  Applied Innovations specializes in Windows Hosting, and was founded in 1999 to offer affordable, cost effective, scalable  and reliable web hosting that would allow small to medium sized businesses grow and compete in the online marketplace. These fundamental goals have really been the cornerstone of our company and how we help more than 25,000 businesses succeed on the Internet today.

When working with a customer, our first objective is to gain a full understanding of their business and business needs. We then deliver a customized solution that helps them address and overcome those needs to become successful.  In taking this approach, we transcend the traditional relationship of client and vendor and become their online business partner.  For our customers and all businesses today, the #1 concern is to reduce costs without sacrificing their own success. 

Where does Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters come in?

As a web hosting provider and the online business partner of our customers, it is our responsibility to help them solve such problems. 

So the issue we were faced with was: How do we reduce overall costs for our customers and yet provide them the flexibility and scalability required to remain competitive online? And, do this without sacrificing our own profitability!

This is where the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters comes in and why it has become one of our core product offerings

When our team was first introduced the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters, we knew immediately that this solution, if leveraged properly, could allow us to reduce costs and increase profitability. 

What does the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters offer us?

As proposed, the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters offered us:

· The ability to offer high availability to a larger range of customers and affordably build hardware fail-over clustering using Windows Server 2008 Clustering Services. Allowing us to further meet our 100% Uptime SLA!

· The ability to provide a fully managed solution and at the same time reduce the costs of administration by leveraging System Center operations manager and System Center Virtual Machine Manager to provide centralized management and monitoring. Allowing us to reduce our own costs and increase profitability.

· The ability to provide best in class management of software updates and reporting to the customers by making use of System Center configuration manager. Providing both us and the customer peace of mind knowing that their servers were always up to date with the latest security and software patches.

· And finally, by integrating Data Protection Manager (DPM) we’re able to integrate automatic backups and guarantee our customers reliable and timely backups and restores.

So what’s been the result of deploying the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters, for our customers?

As a result of deploying the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters, our clients have gained the flexibility to dynamically scale their CPU, memory and storage as their needs changes and can adjust their hosted IT infrastructure and costs in response to the dynamic changes of their business. Our customers have been able to reduce costs without sacrificing scale and we’ve been able to provide this service and remain extremely profitable. 

The Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters is a strategic competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers and I encourage any hoster looking to provide this same level of flexibility to take a look at it.



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