Support of SQL Server 2012 with Microsoft Lync 2010


With the recent announcement of the RTM (Release To Manufacture) of SQL Server 2012, I’ve received a lot of questions if Microsoft Lync 2010 will support running on SQL 2012.

There are some excellent reasons for willing to use SQL 2012 with Microsoft Lync like the support of the new availability model (Always On). However, Lync 2010 is using a feature called DMO (Distributed Management Objects) that was introduced in SQL 7.0 (a long time ago !).

If you want to learn more about DMO, you can consult the following articles but is it basically a set of objects that’s allow a program to do some management of SQL : 

SQL 2012 does not support this feature anymore as it is indicated in this article : so SQL 2012 will not be a supported platform for Lync 2010 as it is now.

Please make your SQL upgrade plans accordingly.


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