Revista Technet Magazine – Volume novo (Fevereiro 2007)

TechNet Magazine February 2007


Windows Administration

This month Mark Russinovich goes inside the Windows Vista kernel to explain the new thread and process performance measurement algorithms that give you a more accurate picture of how your CPU time is spent. He also discusses the Multimedia Class Scheduler Service that provides users with a more seamless playback experience by better managing background tasks such as anti-virus and content indexing.
Also this month we look at the delegation capabilities in Active Directory and group policy templates in Windows Vista so you can do more with group policy than ever before. And of course all our regulars are here this month, including The Cable Guy, The Scripting Guys, and Windows Confidential.

Currently only Marks'article has been published.
Inside the Windows Vista Kernel: Part 1

With Windows Vista, changes to the OS kernel bring about advances in many areas, ranging from memory management to reliability to security. We kick off this series with a look at how the kernel delivers improvements in the areas of processes, threads, and I/O.

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