From Virtualization to Dynamic IT

Issue 24 of the Microsoft Architecture Journal focuses on virtualization. My paper, From Virtualization to Dynamic IT, has been published in this issue. My thesis: Virtualization is a critical infrastructure-architecture layer that is required for achieving higher IT-maturity levels, but several others layers—such as automation, management, and orchestration—are equally important. For the last several months…


Creating a Microsoft Virtualization Practice

With the release of Hyper-V R2 and Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, many service organizations are seeing a business opportunity around providing design, planning, and implementation services around Hyper-V and the rest of the Microsoft virtualization and management platform. To encourage this trend among our partners, Microsoft has created a Virtualization Practice Accelerator: Designed to…


The Year Ahead

What is a dynamic datacenter? How does a dynamic datacenter enable private cloud computing and fit within a long term, enterprise cloud strategy? What can be achieved now with Microsoft and partner solutions while laying the ground work for future product and service waves? These questions and many more like them will be my focus…


Private Clouds: Believe it or not?

Recently there has been some healthy debate around the validity of “private clouds” and whether such a construct is new or just a different name for virtualization and automated provisioning, i.e. a marketecture. In this corner for the anti-Private Cloud sentiment, we have the 2009 Prediction – Rise and Fall of the Private Cloud which…


TechReady9 Day 4 and 5 Wrap-up

Day 4 and 5 of TechReady were action packed, I didn’t even have time to post yesterday. I skipped the first session timeslot on Thurs to prepare for the double session I was presenting with Citrix. The double session format basically allocates two sessions (3 hours) to one topic letting you get into a lot…


TechReady9 Day 3 Wrap-up

Day 3 kicked off with a keynote by Ray Ozzie and several very cool demos on UI futures, what’s coming across some of the Bing features, and some stuff MSR is working on. There was also a good discussion of how concepts move from MSR, to Labs, then into the product groups. Next up was…


TechReady9 Day 2 Wrap-up

Day 2 at TechReady was packed with technical sessions, no keynotes. In the morning I attended a session on model driven development. Not yet an infrastructure architecture related technology but as I mentioned yesterday regarding System Center, Microsoft is investing in a big way in modeling. The “Oslo” set of technologies is the foundation for…


Great Advice

Sean Olson has a fantastic post called “What I Wish I Knew at 21”. Take five minutes and read it, I guarantee you’ll find it useful and thought provoking.


Updated: Introducing the Azure Services Platform

The main introductory whitepaper to the Azure platform written by David Chappell has been updated. The main updates are around SQL Data Services and the move toward a more relational model and the introduction of something code-named the “Huron” data hub which uses the Microsoft Sync Framework to synchronize multiple databases (SQL, SQL Compact, etc)…


Comparing MOF to ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000

Over on the MOF and Service Management blog, two new guides have been released detailing how the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) complements the ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 standards and how MOF can be used in concert with them. While oversimplified, I’ve always described MOF as specific Microsoft process guidance for implementing the vendor-agnostic frameworks like…