Virtualization and Cloud Computing Real-time Feeds!

As mentioned here and in a few other posts, I’ve been using Friendfeed and Twitter quite a bit over the last couple months. I’ve been extremely impressed with Friendfeed in particular. I’ve created two Friendfeed groups that I’ve been posting content to in addition to my main feed. The groups are:

Microsoft Virtualization

Cloud Infrastructure

Their focus is self explanatory but consist of posts, comments, etc. from a variety of sources that I find relevant to each of those topics. The feeds also include posts from the relevant categories from this blog. Please join these groups if you have interest in these areas.

While these feeds are available over on the Friendfeed website, I’m also leveraging a feature they just rolled out around real-time search. If you scroll down the sidebar in my blog, you will see links to two new pages I’ve added:


Cloud Infrastructure

These pages embed Friendfeed real-time searches scoped to the groups I created and will therefore update in real-time whenever I post or share new content to the group. If you want a wider scope in your results, take out the group: tag and put in any keyword you want such as “virtualization” and you will get updating results each time someone posts something to Friendfeed with that term.

For folks with similar interests, I think these feeds will be valuable as my goal is to highlight the top couple of articles, posts, etc that I come across each day out of the 50 – 100 that I read. Enjoy!

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