Mix’07 is getting great press

Lots of good press coming out of Mix. I was able to catch the keynote webcast. It was great to hear from Ray Ozzie in some depth about his vision for the future of software plus services. Even internally unless you're on some of those teams the news has been pretty sparse. I like the fact that virtually everything they announced is available at least in beta to test and most is scheduled to be completed before the year's end. No vaporware here. Stepping back a little to take it all in, these announcements are very significant for the light they shed on the future. Cross platform. Cloud based services. Rich user experiences. APIs everywhere. For as huge a company as Microsoft is, the amount of change and new products in the last 18 months is incredible.

Here is some of the best coverage so far:

http://visitmix.com/ - The official site, lots of content and the session videos should be up here within a day or two

http://blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart/?p=356 - Best overall summary so far compliments of Ryan Stewart

http://blogs.msdn.com/jasonz/archive/2007/04/30/announcing-net-framework-support-for-silverlight.aspx - Good commentary from Jason Zander

http://blog.jonudell.net/2007/04/30/a-conversation-with-john-lam-about-the-dynamic-language-runtime-silverlight-and-ruby/ - Jon Udell article and podcast


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