PowerShell Analyzer

By now most of you have probably been exposed to PowerShell in one way or another. Like me, you probably realize how powerful it is and how important it is going to be to have a good understanding of it but you haven't had time to site down and really dig in to it. Of course a great resource is the PowerShell team's blog. Another great resource though is the PowerShell Analyzer. Here is the description from their website at http://www.powershellanalyzer.com/ 

"Powershell Analyzer is a rich interactive environment for Windows Powershell. Its goal is to be the powershell host of choice for IT professionals and system administrators. It has all the typical editor and IDE functionality that you would expect when working on a modern language, but it focuses on the real time interactive experience as if you were at the console, helping you compose the commands you want to use, and also giving you rich graphical visualization of the results."

There is a seven minute video that demonstrates a good bit of the features at this link. Enjoy!

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