Microsoft and Xen to Develop Interoperability

Today we announced an agreement with XenSource to develop interoperability between Xen-enabled Linux and Microsoft's upcoming Windows Server Virtualization, the hypervisor technology due in the Longhorn timeframe.

Press Release

This is great news for customers as they can now make longer term architecture and purchasing decisions. Two key factors are Xen's previous licensing of the VHD virtual hard disk format and Microsoft's committment to the VHD format which protects any investment made today in utilizing our existing Virtual Server product by knowing that those machines will run on the future technology. Second, Microsoft's support for Linux guests which is in effect now for Virtual Server will continue through the Longhorn timeframe enabling a much large set of workloads that can be virtualized (See my previous post).

The barrage of recent announcements demonstrate the sea change that is occurring in the infrastructure space. They also provide the top cover for companies wanting to virtualize both Windows and Linux right now but ensure that they have a fully supported path to the advanced hypervisor virtualization technology that is coming both from Microsoft and Xen. I can't wait to get the beta of Windows Server Virtualization and give it a spin!  

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