Australian Government and Parental Controls

It is interesting that the Australian Government is getting into the act on releasing a free web filter for use with windows, I wonder if they are connecting up to the Vista parental controls settings built into vista. I have to wonder if they provide any better coverage than Vista already does. It is curious…



A tip when making Meringue is to use a teaspoon of vinegar (or lemon juice, something acidic) in the meringue mixture, it makes it a little tangier and works a lot better.  Just a small amount of lemon juice can work really well with a lemon meringue pie. I find cleaning the mixer with vinegar…


Taking Responsability for your Code

A co-worker (Kyle Olson) came up with a list of items about how to take responsability for your code that I thought was quite useful.  I am reposting the article here. I would like to add that one thing you should always be thinking about when writing code is how someone else is going to…


Kurt Vonnegut died

On April the 11th Kurt Vonnegut died, one of my favourite authors.  He wrote amazing books and short stories, like Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five.  I remember the first time I read Slaughterhouse Five, it amazed me and surprised me.  One of the few books I read and came out thinking that it really…


Apple (uk) ad targeting Parental Controls

Just wandering around on you tube and discovered an apple (uk) ad targeting parental controls, with the ‘naughty step’.  The Mac says something about blocking items being “isn’t that what kids want to do?”.  The idea behind parental controls is to block good kids from running into bad stuff, I don’t really see the built…


Reading WPC logs in C#

Here is a conversion of the WPCEvents.h file that is used with the vista SDK to get the parts of the various crimson events converted into c#.  I have written about this file before and how the parts are connected together and how all the numbers work.  This is useful if you want to write…


Log Viewer, behind the scenes

The log viewer in Parental Controls reads in the public available system logs and turns them into the data you can see in the control panel.  The logs are brought in from a couple of places, the System logs, the Application logs and the Parental controls log itself.  These logs are manipulated in various ways…


Parental Controls used by everyone

Looks like Bill Gates is using parental controls for his children these days, nice to see that people within the company are buying off and using the technology as well.  We have had a surprisingly small amount of negative press on the parental controls issues so far.  Seems to be one of the things that…


A tale of Two Cockies

This is a nifty site with an interesting story.


Parental Controls and Press Coverage

We have had a lot of good press coverage from Parental Controls over the past few days, which has been great.  Bill Gates and various other people have been pressing it as one of the main reasons to upgrade to Vista, I think it is a very good reason to upgrade if you are worried…