Apple (uk) ad targeting Parental Controls

Just wandering around on you tube and discovered an apple (uk) ad targeting parental controls, with the 'naughty step'.  The Mac says something about blocking items being "isn't that what kids want to do?".  The idea behind parental controls is to block good kids from running into bad stuff, I don't really see the built in parental controls as being that limiting.  It does what parents have been asking us to do for a long time, allowing an easy mechanism to control web content.  For a first run at Parental Controls is does a pretty good and comprehensive job.  There are some things which could be fixed, like allowing for a system for setting a number of hours a week someone is allowed to use the computer rather than just the specific times they could log on.  Another useful feature would be remote administration of the controls, so a parent from work could unblock sites or games for children to play/look at.  With this ad, apple is barking up the wrong tree especially since they have their own parental control features.

Still, apple like a good tree to bark up especially if they can make the tree look like something else.

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