Man in Stolen Camel Suit

Camel costume ... passenger flabbergasted after baggage handler tried it onFrom the news item "A man who had a camel costume removed from his checked-in luggage at Sydney airport says the event raises questions about airport security."  I think I would raise questions about security too.

What surprises me most about this story is that not only did the baggage handler steal the costume, they then walked around on the tarmac wearing it.  What were they thinking?  They probably would have got away with it if it wasn't for the fact they walked around advertising the fact they stole it.  Got to wonder about some people.

Although I must admit I would love to have seen some guy wandering around Sydney airport wearing a camel costume 🙂

BTW for those who are not from Australia Shapelle Corby is a woman who was caught with 4 kilos of Marijuana in her suitcase when entering Indonesia.  She says the stuff was planted and they are currently have a trail about it in Indonesia, if she is convicted she could be sentanced to death by fireing squad.  For smuggling drugs...  Causing a bit an incident between Australia and Indonesia, amongst other things.

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