Windows Vista Hardware Assessment 2.1 Released

I just found out that we release an updated version of the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Solution Accelerator yesterday – and haven’t made any ‘noise’ about it (we seem to be pretty good at ‘stealth marketing’). What is WVHA? WVHA is a scalable agent-less assessment tool that integrates information from multiple network sources and assists customers…


Windows Live SkyDrive

Storage ‘in the cloud’ anyone?  Just sign up for the beta of Windows Live SkyDrive and you’ll get 500Mb. The beta is just for the US, the UK and India (but all you have to do is change your Windows Live (Hotmail) profile to have a US address and you’ll get it). Here’s what the…


VMRCplus (an alternate UI for managing Virtual Server)

I’ve been telling people for ages that they don’t need to install IIS just to run Virtual Server (you only need IIS on the machine where you want to run the Administration Web Site).  Well, now we’ve released VMRCplus (an alternate UI for managing Virtual Server). We rarely receive complaints about Virtual Server’s feature set…


How do you license Virtualisation?

Licensing Virtualisation isn’t as hard as you’d think.  Basically if it’s running you have to be licensed. There’s also a lot of FUD out there that would have you believe that Microsoft is ‘cheating’ to make it more affordable to use our virtualisation stack (this isn’t true – the licensing rules are the same).  There’s…


VHD Test Drive Program

I’ve been telling people how they can download pre-configured, 30 day evaluation copies of Microsoft (and Partner) software from – well, looks like it’s finally taking off.  You can now download: Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Vista Exchange Server 2007 SQL Server 2005 ISA Server 2006 System Center Essentials 2007 Visual; Studio 2005 Team Suite…


Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7.0

Looks like Microsoft have been listening to our customers (IIS wasn’t planned to be a role on a Core installation): Microsoft Takes Web Hosting to a New Level with Internet Information Services 7.0 Q&A: What Microsoft’s decision to add Internet Information Services 7.0 to the Server Core Installation Option of Windows Server 2008 means for…


Videos from WinHEC

So, the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) was on the other week in Los Angeles.  I didn’t get to go, but would have liked to.  There is some really great content on the main site plus a load of videos of the keynote presentations. There’s also a bunch more videos at the Virtual WinHEC site….