Windows Server 2008 on Virtual PC and Virtual Server

We’ve just released updates to both Virtual Server and Virtual PC to give better support for Windows Server 2008 (and Vista SP1 and XP SP3). If you’re running either solution, I’d recommend you upgrade to the latest.   Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 with KB948515.msp New Host Support Windows 2008 (Core, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter) XP…


How is my demo laptop configured? – Part 3

You now have a sysprep’ed virtual hard disk on your C: drive. You can just use this as a starting point for all new virtual machines (just create a new virtual machine with a copy of this VHD as its hard disk) – when the machine starts, a mini setup will run and you’ll be…


How is my demo laptop configured? – Part 2

Now you have your demo laptop installed – the next step is to get your demo environment configured. Run VMRCplus and connect to the localhost Say Yes to enabling the VMRC Server (it doesn’t take 2 minutes). It’s worth setting up the defaults before you start ‘playing’ as it will save you a lot of…


How is my demo laptop configured? – Part 1

I’m often asked how come my demo laptop performs so well. I’m often running five or six virtual machines at the same time without any noticeable slow down in performance. Well, it is partly due to having a decent laptop (I have a dual core, 64-bit machine with 4Gb of memory. I also have a…


Last Friday’s Virtualisation talk

Last Friday I spoke at an event run by MJ Flood (a local partner).  The format was something new to me (and something that I really enjoyed). There was around fifty of us in the room and we all got to listen to the main presentation (PowerPoint slides for half an hour or so explaining…


Yet More Virtualisation Resources..

As promised, here’s some more useful resources about Virtualisation: The Virtual Server Community site looks like it’s becoming ‘the place to go’ for Virtualisation info. The MSPress Virtual Server 2005 Resource Kit isn’t out yet (not until the 22nd August), but there are some Sample Chapters available here. Installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 This is an…


New Virtual Server Community Site

VS Community is the new online technical community with a focus on Microsoft virtualization technology.  This community has the goal of bringing together the latest industry news, product use guidance, and virtualization project guidelines to assist IT professionals in successfully converting and optimizing their virtual infrastructures. Enjoy Dave.


VMRCplus (an alternate UI for managing Virtual Server)

I’ve been telling people for ages that they don’t need to install IIS just to run Virtual Server (you only need IIS on the machine where you want to run the Administration Web Site).  Well, now we’ve released VMRCplus (an alternate UI for managing Virtual Server). We rarely receive complaints about Virtual Server’s feature set…


Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1

Has released! Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 went live yesterday – you can download it for free now. There are a ton of great things in SP1 including support for hardware assisted virtualisation technology (both AMD and Intel), support for Volume Shadow Copy Service (snapshot backups of running virtual machines), support for offline mounting of…


VHD Test Drive Program

I’ve been telling people how they can download pre-configured, 30 day evaluation copies of Microsoft (and Partner) software from – well, looks like it’s finally taking off.  You can now download: Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Vista Exchange Server 2007 SQL Server 2005 ISA Server 2006 System Center Essentials 2007 Visual; Studio 2005 Team Suite…