The Business Case for IPv6

I got to talk at the IPv6 Summit last week in Dublin Castle – Agenda, Slides and Videos of all the sessions are here.

My talk was on Finding the Business Case for IPv6.


The video of my session is now online and can be viewed here.  And my slides are here.

I’m still working on finding the questions that I promised to find answers to (I’ve a conference call next week that will hopefully get me the answers).



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Comments (4)

  1. Both links work for me – perhaps the HEANet server was down?

  2. Alun Jones says:

    Dave, I can’t get to the video from your link (or any of the other videos from the summit). Can you check into this, please?


  3. John says:

    I can view it perfectly now. Thanks for sharing

  4. Owen DeLong says:

    If your business depends in any way on a web presence or other forms of supplying internet services or content to your customer, the business case for IPv6 is simply that unless you add IPv6 capabilities to those services, your business will become increasingly irrelevant and disadvantaged compared to your competitors that do.

    Starting around 2013, there will be an increasing IPv6-only population of eyeballs (end users/consumers) on the internet who will experience severely degraded access (if any at all) to IPv4-only content.

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