Anyone want to see ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ (for FREE)?

What are you doing this Thursday evening? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Blade Runner, TechNet Ireland are running a special COMPLIMENTARY screening of ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’.  Spectacularly restored and re-mastered from original elements and scanned at 4K resolution, it contains never-before-seen added/extended scenes, added lines, new and improved special…


Windows Vista Performance

I’ve been talking to a few people recently who are using Windows Server 2008 as a workstation.  Some of their comments are along the lines of:  “Server 2008 has the same code base as Vista SP1, how come it feels quicker?”. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be a good answer (yet).  I’ve been shown a…


How to make your laptop 300% quicker..

As you know, I’m always "dabbling" with my laptop(s) – trying to get me demos performing at their very best. I run Windows Server 2008 on my demo machine because I use Hyper-V for all my demos. Yesterday I put a Solid State Disk (SSD) into my current demo laptop. I ran a few "noddy"…


Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal – Rain and Guinness

Kimberly & Paul were with us last Friday.  Bob Duffy got to interview them for a while – I like this one best: More here: Rain & Guinness Book Fetish 2 in the Morning SQL Server 2008 Best Bits Enjoy Dave. Share this post : Technet! it! digg it! live it! reddit! technorati!


IT Pro Momentum for SQL 2008

A few of you wanted to know more about IT Pro Momentum that was mentioned at the SQL Academy last week. IT Pro Momentum is a method for you to get up to speed on new stuff, with loads of support from Microsoft and for me to get loads of local references about those new…


Yesterday’s BSS event in Belfast

I presented at the BSS even in the Pavilion in Stormont yesterday – as usual I really enjoyed it (you’re a great crowd). I just wanted to share my content with you.  You can find my slides here. The "Deep Zoom" website I showed was the Hard Rock Memorabilia site. You can sign up for…


Tuesday’s Windows Server User Group meeting

Thanks to all those who attended Tuesday night’s user group meeting. Apologies for going on a bit (I was only supposed to take half an hour or so – not the whole hour)! Aidan has posted the slides we used here. Some of my demos are here.  Well – just the clustering Hyper-V ones.  The…