Windows Server Virtualisation (Public Technology Preview).

I've been talking about and showing you Windows Server Virtualisation (WSV) for a good while now (it's our new Hypervisor based Virtualisation solution coming out with Windows Server 2008).

Well, the cat's out of the bag now - you'll all be ably to 'play' with it as soon as the next public beta of Windows Server 2008 ships (Release Candidate Zero is due out very soon) - it will include the first public technology preview of Windows Server Virtualisation.

Inside Microsoft, we've all known this for a while and have been asked to keep it quiet.  Larry Orecklin (general manager of marketing for System Center at Microsoft) let it slip in an interview he had on Presspass the other day.

I have to give all credit for highlighting this to my friends over in Canada, who got there first yesterday on their IT Pro Connection blog.

Since then, I've been beaten to it yet again by Keith Combs - who has managed to get a 10 minute screen cast (showing off WSV) up on his site before me.  Ah well..



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