System Center Virtual Machine Manager has shipped!


Many of you will know that I've been talking about SCVMM for ages (I even mentioned it today at the presentation in the Guinness Storehouse).  I've been running the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) code for the last week, but haven't been allowed to say so (I have to wait until Microsoft officially announce products).  Well that announcement is today (kind of) - If you look at the system center pages on, you'd think we were still at beta 2.  But all the up-to-date info is here (on TechNet).  I imagine the main pages will get updated very soon.

I'm not going to write about SCVMM now, but will happily point you towards Keith Combs' blog (he beat me to it this time)! and really does a great job of explaining what it's all about.


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  1. pages should be updated by EOD 🙂

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