MMS 2006 – conclusion

Well, that's it.  I left home last Saturday morning at 7:00 and will be home tomorrow (Sunday) mid-morning.  Add on a few days of jetlag and I've spent ten days at MMS.  Was it worth it?

In a word - Yes.

This was the best conference I've ever been to (even better than the Microsoft, internal only, events) & I'm in Microsoft just over ten years (so I've attended more than a few).  The content was something else.  The organisation was amazing (always impressed how we feed thousands of people).  External events are generally organised better than internal ones anyway because you have to pay to get in.  San Diego is a fantastic town (even if it wasn't its normal sunny self).  Obviously food & beer help the enjoyment factor, but it was really the content that sold it to me.  If I was limited to one event a year - I would choose MMS.

If I had to summerise the whole week, it would be: The System Center products are, and will be the best management products for the Microsoft platform ever.  Who else knows how to do it better.  Our goals within the Dynamic Systems Initiative are nearly met with the products that we'll ship within the next 18 months.  I've always said that we were 80% of the way there now (the easy 80% - the next 20 will be the hard ones), but looking at where we'll be in 18 months - I recon we'll be well over 90%.

The Microsoft Platform is the best managed & easiest to manage platform out there.



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