MMS 2006 – breakout sessions

System Center Essentials 2007

Designed for small & medium businesses (not confirmed, but 'probably' 10 servers & 500 workstations).

Kind of MOM & SMS & Reporting Manager in one box.

One Console, with different 'spaces' for each management function (monitoring, updates, software, etc).

Getting & Staying Secure - built on the next version of WSUS with support for additional content (drivers, hotfixes and 3rd party stuff)

Monitoring is straight from System Center Operations Manager 2007 - state, diagram, performance and dashboard views with a really neat 'Daily Health Report'.

Software deployment and inventory.

Remote Control of servers & workstations.

Everything a small or medium business would ever need.

And here's the really great bit:  Service Provider support:  As a Service Provider, I install System Center Operations Manager 2007.  I then give my customers a CD with an unattended install of System Center Essentials and now I'm managing their entire environment securely over the internet.  I can even run reports per customer to demonstrate what a great service I'm providing for them.

No idea how much it will cost (or the detail of the number of devices it will support).  Looks like it'll be out early in 2007.

This was the best demo session yet.  I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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