MMS 2006 – sessions

Microsoft Management Summit 2006 - breakout sessions.

Been to a couple of pretty good sessions his morning (and flitted in and out of a few "not-so-good" ones).  Pretty lame session on Data Protection Manager (DPM) - I lasted about 5 minutes before I realised I knew it all & could probably present the content better myself.

Sat in a good session on Antigen, MOM & ISA server.  Covering off how by using the three products together to find out what's going on you can very simply change the settings to stop 'bad stuff' happening.  There's a MOM management pack for Antigen now that looks for pretty much anything you'd ever need to know.

ISA server 2006 is due out this summer and  includes some very useful features: the use of AD/AM for configuration & policy settings (taking it out of AD and not requiring a schema modification), logging direct to SQL, built in IDS and built in reporting (per user, per application and per site).

Off to eat lunch - more later..


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