Change the Game with APS and PolyBase

Guest blog post by: James Rowland-Jones (JRJ), SQL Server MVP, PASS Board Director, SQLBits organiser and owner of The Big Bang Data Company (@BigBangDataCo). James specializes in Microsoft Analytics Platform System and delivers scale-out solutions that are both simple and elegant in their design. He is passionate about the community, sitting on both the PASS… Read more

SQL Server 2014 and the DBA: Building Bridges

Guest blog post by: SQL Server MVP Denise McInerney – Vice President of Marketing for PASS and a Data Engineer at Intuit – began her career as a SQL Server DBA in 1998 and now applies her deep understanding of data to enable analytic solutions to business problems. She is founder of the PASS Women in… Read more

SQL Server 2014 Launch – A Community Affair

Guest blog post by: PASS President Thomas LaRock – a SQL Server MVP, MCM, and Head Geek at Solarwinds – is a seasoned IT professional with over a decade of technical and management experience. Author of DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA, he holds an MS degree in Mathematics from Washington State University and… Read more

Top 3 Features I’m Excited About in SQL Server 2014

Guest blog post by:  SQL Server MVP Adam Jorgensen – PASS Executive Vice President, Finance & Governance, and President of Pragmatic Works – has been leading innovative SQL Server and Business Intelligence organizations for over a decade. His passion is finding new and creative avenues for clients and the community to embrace innovation and lower… Read more

Guest Post by EMC: Lightning Strikes Again for SQL Server 2012!

By Virtual Winfrastructure Earlier in February, EMC announced a new server Flash caching solution called VFCache, a hardware and software solution that leverages PCIe Flash technology to extend performance based caching from the storage array to the server. VFCache (codenamed "Project Lightning") increases throughput and reduces latency with a focus towards read intensive workloads including… Read more

Guest Post from EMC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 & EMC VMAXe; A Perfect Match

Successful companies do their best to stand out, to provide offerings of value and to balance quality, functionality and cost.  Of course, as individual consumers, we understand that “new and improved” is no guarantee of practical, useful, simple and effective.  So major product announcements keep most of us a bit skeptical ‘til we have a… Read more

Guest Blog Post: How to Jumpstart Your Career as a DBA by Thomas LaRock

You are a SQL Server DBA, and I know what you are going through. You are frustrated at having to correct other people's work. You are tired from being woken at odd hours, or needed to work on weekends. And the better you get at your job, the more likely you cannot advance in your… Read more

My Top 5 SQL Server 2012 Features by Aaron Bertrand, Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger: Aaron Bertrand Aaron is a senior consultant for SQL Sentry, providers of the free Plan Explorer, as well as performance monitoring and event management software for SQL Server. He has been blogging at since 2006, focusing on manageability, performance, and new features; has been a Microsoft MVP since 1997-98; and speaks frequently… Read more