Leveraging Flash across the Microsoft SQL Server Stack

Guest blog post by @SamMarraccini of EMC Corporation.  To read more from Sam, please visit Sam’s blog at www.insideflash.com. Flash technology is changing everything, nothing new there. Chances are the device you are reading this BLOG on contains some type of Flash memory. Within the datacenter, it has been well documented that the increasing performance… Read more

Disk and File Layout for SQL Server

Guest blog post by Paul Galjan, Microsoft Applications specialist, EMC Corporation. To learn more from Paul and other EMC experts, please visit – www.windowtotheprivatecloud.com and join our Everything Microsoft Community. The RAID group is dead – long live the storage pool!   Pools fulfill the real promise of centralized storage – the elimination of storage silos. … Read more

Crutchfield Turns to Microsoft and EMC to Help Transform SQL Server to the Private Cloud

When it comes to consumer electronics gear, audio and video enthusiasts rely on Crutchfield Corporation for excellent customer service and stellar product know-how. Crutchfield powers its information-based service with a wide range of tools for its website visitors, customers and internal customer advisors. To keep improving their stellar customer service, Crutchfield develops most of its… Read more

Guest Blog by EMC: Mission Critical Confidence meets Efficient and Powerful

With the launch of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft is changing the game in the world of data management. The introduction of SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups delivers a new replication mechanism that gives customers unprecedented confidence to put mission critical applications on SQL Server. But Availability Groups do much more than provide failover and… Read more

Guest Post by EMC: Lightning Strikes Again for SQL Server 2012!

By Virtual Winfrastructure Earlier in February, EMC announced a new server Flash caching solution called VFCache, a hardware and software solution that leverages PCIe Flash technology to extend performance based caching from the storage array to the server. VFCache (codenamed "Project Lightning") increases throughput and reduces latency with a focus towards read intensive workloads including… Read more

Guest Post from EMC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 & EMC VMAXe; A Perfect Match

Successful companies do their best to stand out, to provide offerings of value and to balance quality, functionality and cost.  Of course, as individual consumers, we understand that “new and improved” is no guarantee of practical, useful, simple and effective.  So major product announcements keep most of us a bit skeptical ‘til we have a… Read more