Fried Rat Special for Father’s Day–Explore Other Delicacies with Microsoft Data Explorer

Sometimes it is better not to know certain things.  For instance, do you know how sanitary your favorite Tex Mex restaurant is?  What about your favorite Sushi bar?  Well, there is public information on food establishment inspections so the Data Explorer folks thought it was the perfect scenario to show off some data mining.  This… Read more

Self-Service BI with the Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel 2013: 5 Reasons to Get Started Right Away

Using a variety of data sources has been a daunting task for mere mortals.  Now, with the Data Explorer add-in for Excel, you don’t need to be a super hero to unlock data gems.  The Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel is now available for download. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to investigate this… Read more